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Ultrapure and Process Water

Quality Matters

Ultrapure Water

Meredith's Culligan water is the Ultrapure Water expert. The term "ultrapure water" generally refers to water quality that meets specific standards. Examples of "ultrapure" water standards include:
  • CAAP
  • USP
  • AAMI
  • NCCL
  • ASTM
Ultrapure water is often used and required in electronics manufacturing, medical facilities, research and development labs, pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, hemodialysis and more. These facilities must follow very stringent and detailed procedures in order to comply with the regulations and customer specifications for their product/s.
Ultrapure water systems capable of producing water meeting the above standards often involve multiple treatment technologies. Meredith's Culligan water has extensive experience designing and engineering ultrapure water systems.

Process Water

Meredith's Culligan water is the Process Water expert. Manufacturing and production facilities often use large amounts of water on- or that goes into- their products. That water is often referred to as "process water." Process water is used in a variety of areas in manufacturing and production, including:
  • Boiler and cooling tower make-up
  • Cleaning, washing and spot-free rinsing
  • Quality control, testing and laboratories
  • Temperature control, heat exchanging & cooling
  • Plating and painting/coating
  • Final rinsing and preparation to coatings
Meredith's Culligan can provide advice and support for your sustainability project and plans. Using appropriately designed and engineering water treatment systems can provide manufacturing and production facilities multiple competitive advantages and cost improvements, including:
  • Lowered energy consumption
  • Reduced total water usage
  • Less heated or cooled water to waste
  • Decreased potential product rejection for quality reasons
  • Higher quality, streak and spot-free product