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Commercial & Industrial Services

Our Service Options

Commercial and Industrial Services

Engineering and System Design Services
Properly engineered and designed water treatment systems will dependably and consistently provide the needed water quality. Proper design also translates into the lowest possible ongoing cost with the least possible downtime. There are a variety of considerations in the design and engineering of water treatment systems, including but not limited to:
  • Incoming water quality and characteristics
  • Available volume, flow and water pressure
  • Space for equipment/system
  • Available Utilities
  • Final water quality requirements
  • Servicing and maintenance needs
  • Operating costs
  • Investment return and longevity of system
Installation and Start Up Services
Commercial & Industrial water treatment systems often require specialized plumbing installation and start-up expertise. This can be the case whether it involves new or replacement systems, upgrades or even used equipment transferred from a different location. Specialized services include but are not limited to:
  • Plumbing design and engineering
  • Specialized plumbing materials and valves
  • Media loading or replacement
  • Factory authorized equipment or system initializing
  • Control programming and adjustments
  • Control interconnections
  • Documentation of start-up performance parameters
  • Inlet and final water quality testing
Service Appointments
Meredith's Culligan water has local water condition knowledge, which is combined with Culligan's worldwide engineering expertise. Our commercial and industrial services include:
  • Equipment Sales, Rental and Leasing
  • Equipment Repair (All Brands & Technologies)
  • Part Repair & Replacement
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Regular Service Appointments
  • Salt Delivery (Automatic or On-Call Basis)
  • Engineering and System Design
  • Start-Up of Equipment and Systems
  • Biological Control & Sanitization
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Resin & Media Analysis and Re-Bedding
  • Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI)
Repair & Replacement Services
Professional repair and component replacement services are essential for long-term and continued efficient operation of your water treatment equipment. Our service technician staff has a cumulative knowledge base of well over 100 years of servicing in our industry. Whether your need is for simple tune-up, trouble-shooting a problem, evaluating current needs and existing equipment, re-bedding or replacement, our service technicians have been factory trained and can resolve your issues, regardless of brand or manufacturer.
Periodic and Preventive Maintenance (Automatic) Services
All water treatment systems require periodic maintenance in order to provide long term and efficient performance. In order to get the desired water quality and avoid downtime and/or costly emergency repairs from untimely equipment failure, systems need regularly scheduled servicing and attention. Meredith's Culligan has the capability to provide automated regular technician visits to complete routines maintenance, including but not limited to:
  • Adjusting equipment, testing efficiencies, documenting data and analyzing current performance
  • Replacing expendables at manufacturer recommended intervals
  • Replacing service parts on your specified schedule
  • Providing enhancements and upgrades as applicable and beneficial to the customer
Sanitization Services
Ultra-Pure and very high purity water systems that qualify for specified water types (ASTM, NCCLS, CAAP, AAMI) are required to maintain control of biological, growth and TOC levels, which requires periodic sanitizing.
Sanitizing can take up to 8 hours and may be necessary as often as monthly, or as infrequently as annually. Proper technique, contact times and thorough care is necessary to produce the best possible results. Every plumbing system and ultra-pure/high purity loop is unique. Care and procedure compliance is imperative to get full disinfection of dead-legs, fairly dormant sections and absolutely all areas where the ultra-pure water flows or contacts.
Re-bedding and Replacement of Media
Most water treatment equipment that has vessels containing media of various types, at some point in their useful life, requires replacement of that media. Ion exchange systems (softeners, de-alkalizers, deionizers) tend to become fractured with exchange sites also destroyed from water flow/usage and chlorine attack. Filter medias often exhibit lowered capabilities from choric particle friction, degradation and plugging. Some telltale signs of the need for replacement include increased pressure drop, lowered capacity, shorter service runs, media to drain and decreased quality and consistency.
Additional Commercial & Industrial services include salt delivery, sanitization, chemical treatment, portable exchange deionization (PEDI) and much, much more.
Meredith's Culligan water has local water condition knowledge, which is combined with Culligan's worldwide engineering expertise. We have multiple factory trained and authorized service technicians with over 100 years of cumulative knowledge in the water treatment industry. Trust Meredith's Culligan to work closely with you in designing, engineering, installing and repairing your water treatment solution. Contact us today for all your Commercial & Industrial service needs!